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 ... With a $10, you'll make $2400/hour

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Step 4: Now that you are in real mode, choose the Roulette Pro (see table games) and select Single Player version. Apply the method shown below and see what happens in your account!

You are still not sure about this?

Read some of the e-mails and MSN conversations I had: Click here!

Read the FAQ for more information: Click here!

How it works:

We'll start to bet on the red and the black ones only.

First, bet a small amount ($1) on black and spin the wheel.

Two different things can happen:

-          It stops on black and you win.

-          It stops on red and you loose. In that case, double your bet ($2) on black again and spin the wheel.

 Once again it will either:

-          stop on black in which case you'll win, or

-          Stop on red. If it stops on red, you'll have to double your bet on black until it actually stops on black.

Important: Once you won with a colour, you need to start to bid $1 for the other colour and double your bet on that new colour until you win.

Advanced Method

Important: Make sure you master the method before you switch for the Advanced Method.

In the menu, select Options/Express Game. Then, cancel your actual bets.

Spin the wheel until you see 6 times in a row the same colour but don't bet anything. Then you can bet on the opposite colour.


-      After you saw 6 times the colour black, bet $1 on red.

-      After you saw 6 times the colour red, bet $1 on black.

If you win, withdraw your bet and wait until you have a same colour 6 times in a row.

If you loose, use the method we saw earlier and double your bet until you win.

You understand here that if you've waited until you had a same colour 6 times in a row, you'll win right away or might have to double your bet but only once or twice?With this method, you'll optimize your profits and you'll win a lot of money very quickly!


In a few minutes only, you'll incredibly increase your profits!!

If you did not understand yet how it works, read below:

First, bet $1 on black. If you win right away, bet $1 on red. If you did not win right away, bet $2 (you double the initial bet) on black. As soon as you win, you bet $1 on the red, then $2 if you loose? $4 if you loose again? etc. As long as you loose, you stay on the same colour and you double your bet. But imagine, if you loose 3 times ($1+$2+$4= $7), you'll win $8 anyway! (So you're not loosing any money!)  Once you won with a colour, you change for the other one. This is a guaranteed way to win! You can easily make $150-200/hour with an initial bet of $1.

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Conclusion :

I suggest you start with small bets of $1 or less. Once you pass the $100 of profits, you can bet $5? and when you'll reach the $250 of profits, you'll be ready to bet $10.

If you want to see an example, I made a video that show how it works. Just click on it!

ActiveX required, click on play

I'm available on MSN Messenger if you have any comments or need some help! MoneyBeGood@Hotmail.com

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